EVR Unit



Indoor air quality…

why you should ventilate your home.

Breathing in clean fresh air is something we all can appreciate. However,  as we continue to make our home more energy efficient by adding insulation, energy saving windows, weather stripping and sealing cracks to eliminate drafts preventing fresh air from entering, causing the air to become stagnant! You unknowingly created the problem of poor indoor air quality. Sealing up our homes without introducing fresh air, creates harmful effects to your health and home. 

Every tight home needs a Energy Recovery  Ventilator ERV or Heat Recovery Ventilator HRV System!

What the purpose of an ERV or HRV?

  • To provide your home with purified fresh air to keep occupants healthy
  • To remove unwanted odors
  • To remove indoor pollutants
  • To lower the indoor relative humidity

Call Barnett Heating & Cooling today to help you decide on which balancing ventilation system is right for your home an ERV or HRV.

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